From Above – Cleveland, OH

Heading out this afternoon to Cleveland, OH to start prepping for this weeks classes. I won’t have time to go up in the helicopter this time, but I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an interesting “perspective.” Save the money you would spend on a piece of gear that might gather dust and go UP to get some great shots.

If you do go up, look for a helicopter with an open door. You don’t want to shoot through glass if you can help it. Helicopters are…bouncy so you need to shoot fast. Open your lens up, set your focus to infinity and start snapping away. You’ll probably take a lot of bad shots, but you’ll get a bunch of keepers too.

It helps if you work with your pilot too. Let them know what you are looking for and they can often find a great angle to capture a shot you can’t get any other way. They are often used to working with photographers so they know the drill.

Let me know if you go up in the sky. It’s worth every penny!

PS – Just as a reminder this weekend I’m teaching not 1, not 2 but 3 Composition in the Field classes for The Digital Photo Academy. Part photo-walk, part instruction, all fun. Two classes are in University Circle and one special class in The Flats to explore the old industrial section of “Bridge City.” If you aren’t doing anything this weekend and want to expand your skill with a camera come on down.

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