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Tribe Wins, Tribe Wins – Cleveland, OH

Back from a great weekend in Cleveland. Great classes, great food, great photo opportunities. Hard to believe how much got crammed into one long weekend. In the span of a few days I:


  • Had the best Mexican food I’ve ever eaten at Luchitas Mexican Restaurant (and I’ve eaten Mexican food from LA to New York)
  • Saw a winning baseball game 5 rows from the field
  • Watched an excellent fireworks display over the city
  • Discovered one of the greatest cups of coffee to ever touch my lips at Civilization.
  • Dined on upscale Vietnamese food at Saigon Restaurant & Bar.
  • Saw the city from 42 floors in the air
  • Shot the North Coast Harbor.
  • Hiked in a National Park (Virginia Kendall Park)
  • Devoured ice cream that should be against the law it was that good (Sweet Moses Soda Shop)
  • Saw sunrise over a Great Lake
  • Ate a very Grumpy breakfast. They made the corned beef hash with actual HUNKS of corned beef.  Not that Hormel garbage.
  • and still crammed in the Avengers movie to take a break.
And nothing cost more than $20.  That’s with the Margaritas.

That doesn’t even touch on all the cool new neighborhoods I shot this weekend. Anyone who is still making Burning River jokes about Cleveland is living in the past. Just like Times Square isnt the seedy cesspool it once was, Cleveland is no longer that town. There is a real rebirth happening. Billions of dollars in new development, world class food, entertainment and sports (ok 1/2 credit on the sports), interesting architecture, a world famous zoo and park system are just a few of the things the city has to offer.

In my mind Cleveland is one of the most under-rated and overlooked tourist spots in the country.


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