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Red Door – Cleveland, OH

Great time shooting and teaching in Cleveland this weekend. My knees ache from abuse so I must have been active. I saw this building on one of my last trips into town but only had a few minutes to shoot. I went back yesterday and got some more of the exterior details. I couldn’t find a way in, which may be good considering it didn’t look real stable inside.

Happy Monday folks

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Clothcraft Clothing – Cleveland, OH

Sometimes you plan where you want to go shooting. Other times you see something that makes you abandon your plans without a moments hesitation. That happened to me this weekend while driving down I90 heading to downtown Cleveland. I was going to shoot a few signs and detail pieces for a project I’m working on when out of the corner of my eye I spotted this HUGE derilict brick building.

I yanked my car over 3 lanes (no lie – but hey I looked first) and pulled off to explore. At first I was dissapointed due to the large fence around the structure…until I noticed the semi-truck sized hole on the side. Bingo. I grabbed my gear and went hiking through the undergrowth of broken glass, weeds and carrion until I could find the right angle.

I didn’t have time to go in – not to mention I wasn’t dressed for urban exploration. However on my next trip I plan on getting a little dirty. I’m glad I’m not a neighbor of this old wreck (it was a Hugo Boss warehouse for years) but as a photographer I love finding places like this. I have more shots to share later.

Have a good Monday everyone.

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